#Photography – Cuba Libre – #VisualsByAshleyJ

The first time I went to a bar, I was nervous and overwhelmed.  Not because of the people, which usually makes me nervous (intro/omnivert, represent!) but because everyone was drinking drinks and I had no idea what they were called.


When the bartender asked me what I wanted, time stood still and I just randomly said “Rum & Coke.”


Fast-forward to Saturday when I was introduced to the owners of Cuba Libre USA’s genius drink of Rum & Cola in a can.  It took me back to when I used to bar hop with friends and order the same drink over and over because at one point, it was all I knew.


Laughs were had.  I showed them my website, they liked it.


We exchanged information and they sent me home with a case of their product.  What a Saturday!