#Photography – Tanya Wright (@Hairiette) #VisualsByAshleyJ

Funny things happen on Saturday nights.  I decided to take my camera out last night and just randomly take pictures.


I stumbled into an event by Tanya Wright for her new book “I Found God In My Hair.”


Thankfully she allowed me to snap photographs of the event and she even signed a copy of the book for me! I obviously was honored and appreciative.


You may have seen Tanya on shows like True Blood and Orange is the New Black, but you should check out her new series “Hairiette” which showcases her natural hair care product line.


I’ll have more pictures of the event this week, so stay tuned!

#TechTuesday – Iphone 6S Camera Review – #VisualsByAshleyJ

So I’ve upgraded from an iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S due to ridiculous battery issues, otherwise I would’ve held out longer.  I’m not mad at the upgrade as the newer phone has a way better camera. It is 12 megapixels, it takes 4k video and apparently when you take a picture, it records for a few seconds giving you a live picture with motion.

Dope right? Try it out at your nearest apple store and that alone will probably be your deciding factor.

So I took my new rose gold iPhone 6S out to snap some shots of Harlem. Check out some of the original unedited photos along with the same photos retouched in Adobe Photoshop.

Original Photos: Shot with iPhone 6S


Edited Photos: Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS6

#Photography – Halloween 2015: Thriller Night – #VisualsByAshleyJ

I’m not a big Halloween person, but this year I had plans!  I was going to hang out with my CANDYCAWWNS, go to Soho, party in a LOFT and play pool! Unfortunately I only did one of those things and then got lost amongst a sea of costumes and mischief.  With a dead phone and full of alcohol, My night ended around 1 or 2 am… not even sure.  Here are some pictures of my night

.Halloween23 Halloween22 Halloween21 Halloween20 Halloween19 Halloween18 Halloween17 Halloween16 Halloween15  Halloween13 Halloween12 Halloween11 Halloween10 Halloween9 Halloween8 Halloween7  Halloween5 Halloween4 Halloween3 Halloween2