#Photography – Dream Doll (@realdreamdoll) #VisualsByAshleyJ

Dream Doll 2018

#Photography – The Red Carpet of the Carol Galvin Foundation’s #NYFW event #VisualsByAshleyJ

I had the pleasure of being apart of the press for The Carol Galvin Foundation’s fundraiser for New York’s Fashion Week.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the Red Carpet.

#Video – Principe El Notorio – ‘Wild Cowboy’ (In Studio Promo) #BTS #VisualsByAshleyJ

Check out some behind the scenes footage of recording artist Principe El Notorio’s studio session recently. The song is called ‘Wild Cowboy’.


This past summer, on August 6th 2016, I helped my brother Carter throw his annual Feed The Hood cookout at Riverbank State Park in Harlem, NYC.

Every year Carter buys a ton of food and provides free food to anyone who is in which ever park he has the cookout. This past one, we took it a step further and included bookbags with school supplies for kids and free t-shirts for guests, along with various food selections and tasty treats.

Despite the weather (a whole 5 minutes of rain) we were prepared with a huge tent for guests to stand under while the short shower passed over. Once that was finished, we continued to feast and fellowship.

We will be throwing one this summer in 2017. The date we’re shooting for is the first Saturday in August. If you would like to help out in anyway, please feel free to contact me via comments or email (which can be found in the “Contact” section).

Here are some pictures from the event:

VIDEO: JAVEN WILLIAMS (@iamofishal) : MY OFISHAL STORY – (Shot/Edited by Ashley J (@IamAshleyJ) )

Check out this video I shot and edited of Harlem skater Javen Williams.  Javen decided to share with the world his story about his upcoming surgery; what led to it and why he will not be able to skate for the next 2 years.  I was also able to catch him on his last day of skating before the upcoming surgery.  A real cool dude and a really great story.



I sat down with skater Javen Williams on his last day of skating and spoke to him about why he started skating, his obstacles and why he won’t be able to skate for 2 years.  This story that we will release will be an inspirational story for people who are told they can’t do something that they love.  For Williams, it’s skating.. and he plans on beating the odds stacked against him.