So one of my major claims to fame is finding the former host of 106 & Park, Miss Mykie. This is big for me because it was my first year of casting and I was responsible for casting a host for a major cable networks flagship television program. Thats a major accomplishment for someone so “green.” It means to me that my 20 something years of watching television gave me the eye to spot major talent.

But besides me patting myself on the back, I met a lot of great people at the network; from the talent, to the execs, to the producers and other people who put 106 & Park together daily, to the security team who always treated me like family even though I was low on the totem pole (our casting office was across the street in an abandoned old dimly lit cbs radio floor, so we werent really looked at as real employees… thanks to freelance stigmas.) and the casting family Ive gained.

I miss sitting up in the crows nest watching the show come together, the kids having the time of their lives and the hosts giving their all in front of those cameras and bright lights. I miss stealing random office furniture and equipment to build a separate office for my intern and I when we started calling ourselves #theINTERNS. We even put a sign up on the office for good measure. I miss arguing with my team when the pressure was on. I miss watching family feud with my team. I miss hanging with the hair and makeup team. I miss randomly seeing Stephen Hill and just wishing I could sit him down and pitch ideas, knowing he would listen… because he was that accessible. I just didnt have my ideas together then.

My time was well spent. Plenty of laughs, plenty of stress, but a lot fun. Thank you BET, for allowing me to help shape your flagship show. They say if you do something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life… and my experience there was the epitome of that.





I edited this video for Chrissy Lampkin’s Blue Blood Riesling.  Just a regular wine tasting party with special appearances by Teyana Taylor, Miss Mykie, and Tami Roman.