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As many of you know, I moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2011 to pursue my acting endeavors. Since moving I’ve had the opportunity to work with various writers, directors, producers, and high-profile celebrities. Throughout my journey living in Los Angeles, one thing that has always kept me grounded and determined to make my way is embracing my Cajun culture and sharing it with others. I always find comfort in my love for cooking good food and connecting with good people.

About four months ago I met actor and producer Robert Christopher Riley (Vh1 Hit the Floor). He recently founded Hollywood Massive, a Caribbean American entertainment company specializing in event production for Carnivals and cultural festivals. I fell in love with Robert’s passion for his culture and partnered up to produce Hollywood Massive’s first big event, the 4th Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival, better known as Hollywood Carnival on June 27, 2015. It was a wonderful success and a great expression of the love and pride Caribbean’s have for their culture! His family and friends welcomed me with open arms just as my Cajun family would do. Since meeting Robert and joining Hollywood Massive, I have felt a strong sense of family and community that can be difficult to come by in LA.

What I have learned over time is that in this industry you have to create and build your own empire. In planning how to grow and develop Hollywood Massive, we are creating a docu-series platform to capture all aspects of Carnival. Each episode will include segments on food & restaurants, local culture & art, historians, costume designers/builders, and a musical artist/band feature. I will be doing the food segment titled “Taste Of Ugenia’ capturing various aspects of food from different Carnivals around the world!

While we have been blessed with a wonderful foundation of support thus far, it is only the beginning. We have started a GoFundMe to raise money for production. I am asking for your continued support by making a pledge not only to encourage a dream, but also to educate and enrich the world of all the many cultures one step at a time. I know that everyone may not be able to give financially but please spread this campaign to as many friends and family as possible. Below are a few of the gifts that we’re offering as rewards for being a part of our pledge. Thank you so much for helping us bring our dreams to life!

In efforts to raise funds we are doing a photography exhibit in Los Angeles, Ca Monday July 27,2015. With Friends, Family, Producers, director, in both Television Film and Music.
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Love Always,
Ugenia Stokes

Caribbean Cuisine

  1. $20.00 Hollywood Massive Bumper Sticker 2.  $25.00 Hollywood Massive Key Chain and bracelet 3.  $50 Hollywood Massive TShirt/Crop shirt which ever you like 4.  $100.00 Hollywood Massive shirt & Water bottle 5.  $ 250.00 signed Photography book from images from carnivals without Favorite Caribbean Recipes and singed t-shirt. 6.  $500 signed Photography book from images from carnivals with Favorite Caribbean Recipes and singed T shirt, social media thank you and specialty thanks in credits. 7. $1,500 all of the above and producer credit of episode. 8.  $5,000 associate producer. 9. $25,000 corporate sponsor and associate producer credit across 2015 calendar