Here’s the write up, courtesy of Revolt TV :


“During our REVOLT Nation Tour stop in Detroit, we met up with a band by the name of Jamaican Queens, who took us into their abode to show off their tranquilizing sounds and explain the obstacles they’ve encountered along their path. 

“There’s something positive that comes from being okay with being vulnerable,” said one of the band members about the creation of their tunes. “Some people don’t understand, to choose the lifestyle where it’s not promising with money but it’s satisfying in so many other ways,” another member added, before affirming, “I love being a musician and even if it means that I have to make a lot of other sacrifices.” 

For every pursuit of happiness comes sacrifices, and the Jamaican Queens’ story is something that is shared with plenty other blossoming musicians. Check out our profile of the band above, and stay tuned for continued content from across the country, via REVOLT Nation”


-Via Revolt.com