Justin Bieber versus Zack Morris


“Call me Zack Morris, I’m saving you by the bell.” – Justin Bieber, Otis freestyle.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber has transformed from little boy with bangs to an adolescent teen with a Zack Morris haircut.  But is this transformation purely a coincidence or is he aware of his Mark-Paul Gosselaar resemblance?

Back in 2011,  Pop crooner Justin Bieber freestyled over The Throne’s Otis instrumental on Power 106 FM.  In his freestyle he states “Call me Zack Morris, I’m saving you by the bell.”   Saved by the Bell, if you’ve been living under a rock is arguably one of the greatest teen shows of the early 90’s.  It followed main character Zack Morris and his friends Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa as they attended Bayside High,  dealt with relationships, ate at the super cool hangout : The Max, and got the best of their bumbling principle Mr. Belding.

Zack Morris was the epitome of cool in Saved by the Bell.  Every guy in the early 90’s wanted to be him and every girl wanted to date him.  Fast-forward to 2013 where Justin Bieber is every young girls dream boyfriend.  As far as guys wanting to be him?  I’m not sure of that but what I’m sure of is he definitely bares a striking resemblance to the television icon Zack Morris.

I wonder how Mark-Paul Gosselaar feels about this?

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