I performed at Roomapalooza and lived to tell about it.




So I was invited to this event called Roomapalooza by my brother Robert Chong, an artist who was showing his work.  The event took place Saturday August 10th, 2013  and was hosted by EACMix.  When I got there, I helped my bro set up and enjoyed meeting the people and joking around with friends.


There were a bunch of rooms (hence the name roomapalooza) where there were different things going on in each room… there was a body painting room, an EDM room, a “Trip Room”, and a Hip-Hop room.


One of my best friends, Ish, said to me “I don’t know why, maybe its the black in me, but I’m gravitating towards the hip-hop room.”  I looked at him and replied: “me too.”


So we go in this room and theres some rapper in there rapping and it sounded pretty cool.  Of course Ish and Rob say “OH YOU SHOULD GO UP THERE AND PERFORM” and of course I was like “ok”  So we find a way to get me on stage and I performed a few  songs: The new mixes of Grand Cru, Compton (https://soundcloud.com/iamashleyj/compton-88) and a new song called Hip-Hop Heads.


While I was on stage I couldn’t gage the response because I was battling between microphone feedback, incoming phone calls, and just generally having fun performing.  From what I heard and the responses after the performances, people really liked my stuff.  That’s so different to me because usually I think I’m the only person who really likes my music and my friends just flatter me haha.


So all in all it was a pretty dope event and can’t wait for the next one.  Check out some of the photos from the event courtesy of my iphone, @mrgovernment and @karlyflowerrr on instagram




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