Ashley J receives a citation from Senator Gustavo Rivera


You know what’s pretty cool?  When you do positive things for the community and in return you receive recognition for the hard and usually thankless job you’re doing.  This happened to me July 26th, 2013 when I received my first citation from Senator Gustavo Rivera. 


One thing some people know about me is I teach “at risk” youth in the Bronx how to express themselves creatively through multimedia.  Rather than have them out in the streets and losing them to drugs, gang violence, and senseless acts, I bring them into the Mount Hope Community Center for a few days out of the week and let them learn how to create movies and music on iMac computers.


I am the Director of the Digital Connectors program in the Bronx.  We usually have students ranging from 12 – 18 years old. We follow them through high school, keeping track of their grades and encouraging them to go to college. I feel like I teach my kids not only multimedia, but life lessons as well.

I usually love all of my students, even if they don’t think I do.  A lot of my students think I’m actually strict.  I think I’m strict because I care and I think they know that, which is why no matter how much they hate my rules, they respect me enough to follow them and still enjoy the program. 

Enough of my spiel, I’m pretty much happy and honored to recieve this recognition from the New York State Senate and will continue to serve the community.

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