Ashley J. Presents: Draper Tapes (link)

Ashley J. Presents: Draper Tapes (link)


Today I am releasing a compilation of 9 tracks that I’ve put together in 10 days.  This compilation is titled Draper Tapes.   I like to imagine myself as sort of a genius when it comes to creating music that myself along with the rest of pop culture will enjoy.  I’ve been listening to music since I was 2 or 3 years old. The first album I remember listening to a lot was Death Certificate by Ice Cube.  That album changed my life at such a young age… Throughout my life I’ve listened to EVERY genre of music, and have enjoyed it.

I started writing raps in 3rd grade with a bunch of classmates.  I’m not sure if they still write music to this day, but I’ve kept at it.  Spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, Notepads, old Blackberry Phones, Iphone notes, and random pieces of paper are hidden away in my room with verses, hooks, bars, and chapters of rhymes.

This mixtape will not be the last.. it is more of a teaser as to what’s to come. I’ve produced almost every song on Draper Tapes, with the exception being U.O.E.N.O and the Mad Men Skits.  A few songs sample some WWE/WCW themes because I was an avid wrestling fan in the 90’s. The rest of the songs were made on fruity loops, thanks to my homey Big Dre sending me some drum kits.  Soon you’ll hear a bunch of songs from me that he will have produced.  Also: Compton will have a remix, feature my other homey Yung Ace, who has also inspired me to keep being myself in a world full of conformity.

I am proud of Draper Tapes. It was done very fast, and by myself.  Theres a few mixing issues, but they are MY mixing issues. It’s like a beauty mark… it’s there and it stands out but its MY beauty mark. If you can accept my work of art, then we all can enjoy this thing together.   Thank you for downloading this tape, I appreciate all support and if you know me, you know I’m a big fan of paying it forward. Now go press play on the first song! YEAH!

-Ashley J.

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