Before you read this nicely put together list.. please note that these are songs that I liked in 2011… so if you feel I should’ve put something on this list, then you should’ve made your own list. There are some honorable mentions that I’ll add at the end. Here’s the list:

20. Friday – Rebecca Black (Cuz c’mon, that song was hilarious as fuck.)

19. Motivation – Kelly Rowland (The beat alone drew me to the song. In fact thats the first thing I heard before I ever heard her on the track and knew it would be a hit.)

18. I Stand Alone – Theophilus London (Thanks to whoever put together the trailer for season two of How To Make It In America (R.I.P 😥 ) because that’s what instantly drew me to this song.)

17. Run The World (Girls)

16. Marvin Gaye &  Chardonay – Big Sean (HOL UP HOL UP HOL UP. That’s all I needed to like this song. Yeezy!)

15. You Make Me Feel – Cobra Starship (This song was so fuckin’ catchy it was sickening. Even my MOM likes this song. Got to make the list.)

14. Marvin’s Room – Drake (The most remixed song of 2011… yeah, even I remixed this shit.)

13. I’m On One – DJ Khaled (I walk inside the club…. fuck everybody.)

12. Bounce – Calvin Harris (FIST PUMP LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER! all my fist pumpers and club goers know about this CLASSIC of 2011.. yup, I said it.)

11. Beautiful People – Chris Brown (Because I did not like Look At Me Now. This song was awesome as fuck and his performance of it at the VMA’s was DOPE.)

10. Novacane – Frank Ocean (I think this song was a super breakout song and the video was so awesome.)

9. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li (Lykke Li is so in tune with her sound and music that she can pretty much do anything on a track and it’ll sound good. bible.)

8. I Wanna Go – Britney Spears (Video was ridic. Song was incredible. ITS BRITNEY, BITCH.)

7. The Motto – Drake (I listen to this shit, no lie, like 10 times in a row every morning. Hey, you only live once.)

6. Niggas In Paris / Otis – The Throne (tie) (Yeah so I couldn’t figure out which one I overplayed the most, so THE THRONE shall both sit on the best number on the list.)

5. Yonkers – Tyler The Creator (So many people did not like Tyler because they didn’t know who he was, and they probably don’t listen to anything outside of what the radio plays. Tyler is one of the most CREATIVE artists thus far and I cannot wait for more of his art. because his music is art to me. from the videos to the content, it’s all ART.)

4. We Found Love – Rihanna (No explanations necessary. This song is too fuckin dope.)

3. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO (They had EVERYBODY shuffling.)

2. Rolling In The Deep – Adele (Adele spent this WHOLE YEAR in the top 10 on billboard. She’s a real fucking singer and she’s doing it all her way. I ran this song to the ground, hell, If I could’ve put the whole 21 album in this one spot, I would. Adele had a well deserved GREAT year and I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future.)

1. High For This – The Weeknd (It all started with a 10 second promo for the final season of Entourage. I HAD to hear the rest of this song, and find out who this singer was. Once I downloaded the full song, I haven’t stopped playing this song since. Three mixtapes later, The Weeknd is my favorite artist of 2011.)

Honorable mentions: Fast Lane – Bad Meets Evil, Born This Way – Lady Gaga, She Will – Lil Wayne, Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5, Give Me Everything – Pitbull, Cat Daddy – Rejects, The whole Watch The Throne album.

See you next year, fuckers.

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